Our Birds

The centrepiece of your table

At Sam’s Turkeys all of our turkeys are reared to the highest welfare standards.

They are free to range the meadow and grassland which makes up nearly 4 acres of land on our farm.

Traditionally grown over a longer period of time than your standard supermarket turkey.  This allows the tenderness and flavour to develop, making this bird turkey the centrepiece of your table.

Our Ethics

We believe that the welfare of our birds is key to the way we run our business. They have a natural diet and are free range, having plenty of space to forage and explore.

All our birds are hand prepared and come boxed and ready for the oven. The perfect centrepiece for your special meal.

Our birds are reared to full maturity which enables them to develop a layer of fat that makes the meat such a tender texture and so full of flavour.

All our birds are hand plucked only once they have reached maturity – not simply when they reach a certain age or weight.

After being hand plucked we use the traditional method of hanging them for at least 14 days to enhance the tenderness and flavour of the meat.

Our aim is to provide a slow grown, top quality turkey, using traditional time consuming methods fit for your Christmas table.