Our Birds

All our turkeys are reared to the highest welfare standards and are free to range the meadow and grassland which makes up nearly 4 acres of land on our farm. We understand the value of local, ethically produced food which are standards we exceed every year.

All our birds are registered under the Golden Turkey Quality Assurance Scheme which we guarantee is displayed in the premium taste of our

Our Ethos

Bought as poults in June, they are raised to maturity for Christmas with
the highest standard of care throughout. We believe that the welfare of
our birds is key to the way we successfully run our business.

The turkeys have a natural diet and are free-range with plenty of space to
explore. They also enjoy the occasional apple from the farm as well as
foraging for other food.

As they are grown over a longer period of time than your standard
supermarket bird, the turkeys are able to reach maturity which ultimately
allows for far more flavour to develop.

Only once the birds have reached maturity are they hand-plucked, hand-
prepared and then hung for 14 days to enhance the tenderness and taste
of the meat. Through our processes, we achieve top-quality turkeys fit for
your celebratory dinner.

On collection, our turkeys come boxed and oven-ready with instructions
to guide you with cooking times depending on the size of your bird.