Big Dreams

Starting out 

As an entrepreneurial 14-year-old, I wanted to diversify from family tradition and explore livestock husbandry. I started with 4 pigs and 25 turkeys in a makeshift pen at the bottom of the garden, but my journey properly began after working for KellyBronze Turkeys.

At Kelly’s, I learnt the basics and experienced the growing cycle from the hatching of poults to the rearing of stags and hens. I was keen to put my knowledge into practice and shortly after, at the age of 20, I started a flock of my own. 

It wasn’t long into my new endeavour that I attracted the attention of the Golden Turkey Assurance Guarantee. They recognised my high standard of care and the quality of my product and awarded me with their accreditation. I am now recognised, along with only 40 other UK members, as a reputable and trusted Bronze Turkey farmer with the GTQA and an avid comittee member.

Kelly Bronze delivery

New developments in 2021

The pen is not so makeshift anymore – quite the opposite in fact – as earlier this year we built a new paddock around our apricot trees. The new surroundings give the turkeys an opportunity to explore a more natural habitat, forage for fallen fruit and enjoy plenty of fresh country air as they range the woodland!

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