What’s special about us?

Turkeys at sunset

We truly care

The welfare of our birds is steadfast with our commitment to careful stockmanship and poultry husbandry. Our birds are slower growing, free range and treated with the highest standard of care throughout. We understand the value of local and ethically produced food and that is key to the way we successfully run our business. 

We’re known for quality

I am proud to be an accredited farmer with the Golden Turkey Quality Assurance Guarantee. At the age of 23, I became a committee member with the GTQA and joined a community of 40 like-minded, passionate and accredited turkey farmers across the UK. The Guarantee was formed in 1984 and is the highest UK standard for the finest Christmas turkey.  

Our birds arrive in June and are ethically reared to full maturity before they are hand-plucked, hand-prepared and then game hung for 14 days, according to tradition. This process enhances the tenderness and taste of the meat and ensures that we supply the best produce for your celebratory dinner. 

It’s hard to find a Golden Turkey in supermarkets and, as such, we are proud to be part of an accreditation which is recognised for its high-quality and welfare standards. 

You’ll only find us selling our glorious birds at the farm gate! 


Turkeys amongst apricot trees

We walk on the wild side

Bronze Turkeys are the closest domestic breed to a wild turkey which means they need an environment where they can exhibit their natural behaviours. So, when we developed the new paddock this year, we had just that in mind… 

The new surroundings are built around the farm’s apricot trees so not only do the turkeys’ living quarters replicate their habitat in the wild, but it also means they can use their instincts to forage for food. To add to this and contribute to our environmental responsibilities, I often feed them surplus fruit from the farm. They certainly get one of their 5 a day! 

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