Wey Street Farm

  How it all started…

Our family has farmed in Kent for over 100 years but the land we work on today is the product of my great grandfather’s ambition.

As an entrepreneurial Londoner, he had the idea of starting a fruit farm. And so, on leaving the city in the 1900s, he bought land in East Kent and saw his vision take shape at Wey Street Farm. Back then, we owned around 200-acres of land.

My great grandparents started a family and had three children, all of whom grew up in the area. My grandmother, who also enjoyed the buzz of city life, often spent time in London which is where she met my grandfather. They put their roots down at Wey Street and took on the family business. As well growing the farm and building its reputation, they also set up other successful ventures including a PYO!


Where we are today 

The farm has since been passed to my father and we now work together on what has grown to be 400-acres of land. Our specialisms are apples, pears, plums and, of course, turkeys! 

Due to the high quality of our fruit, we mostly supply to M&S and Waitrose and we are proud to be one of only two farmers in the UK to produce an M&S exclusive variety of apple called Rockit. They might be small but don’t misjudge them – they pack a punch of sweetness!  

We are still very passionate about our countryside roots and our business is built on strong family values that have lived on through 5 generations.