Our turkeys come oven ready, having hung for a minimum of 14 days.  Traditionally prepared, all by hand, we can guarantee the best quality turkey for your special meal. Our turkeys are available either whole or as a crown.

For the first time, in 2020 we are pleased to be able to offer free range pork from pigs raised on our farm in Hernhill.  An old english breed, fed with fruit also from the farm. 


Whole Bird

5 kg  £57.50
6 kg £65
7kg £70
8 kg £80
9 kg £90
10 kg £100


3 kg £45
4 kg £60
5 kg £75

Breast roll

1 kg £25
1.5 kg £37.50
2 kg £50


Sausage meat £7.50/kg
Make one of our turkeys your centrepiece, please get in touch using one of the methods on the Contact page.

How to cook






Hot Oven

Please use these approximate times as a guide to cooking your turkey.  They are based of of a standard oven, and your oven may be different.  Check the turkey is cooked before serving.

Whole Bird or Crown

5kg 2 hours
6kg 2 hours 15 min
7-8kg 2 hours 45 min
9-11kg 3 hours

Breast roll

1kg 45 minutes
1.5kg 1 hour
2kg 1 hours 15 min